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Catalina Escallon

ONLINE: Photo Embroidery Workshop 11/18 & 12/02

ONLINE: Photo Embroidery Workshop 11/18 & 12/02

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This online photo embroidery workshop consists of two (2) sessions of two hours each (total workshop: 4 hrs) and it will be run in English.

Dates: Saturday November 18th & December 2nd

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST (New York)

PLEASE look at dates and make sure they work for you before booking this class.

If you can't make it to one of the session, I will keep recordings for both and you will have access to these videos for a couple of weeks.

The goal for this class is for you to understand the technical aspects of hand embroidery on paper so you can incorporate them in a B&W photography of your own choice. I want you to see photos from a composition lens so you can understand the design possibilities before you even take the needle to start embroidering.

This workshop is limited to 15 people to ensure a more personalized experience for everyone taking it. This will be a first come first serve basis but if there is enough demand I will definitely open another group.

Workshop Description:

In the first first session I will show you the basic stitches and how to use them on paper. I will take you through my sketching process and what I consider when choosing a photo. Finally, I will show you how I create color palettes and especially how I blend thread to create colorful gradients.

After this session, you will choose a photo to embroider and start sketching some designs. I will have a group chat so you can share your ideas and get feedback from me and the group. The idea is for you to come ready to start embroidering on our second session. We will embroider together and I will be there to answer any questions and hopefully cover other type of stitches.

Most of my works uses basic stitches but if you want to explore more complex ones, I will provide great resources for it!

No prior embroidery experience is needed to take this workshop.

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