Commission pieces will take 4-6 weeks to develop.

  1. You can provide a photography, it could be a portrait or a place. Once provided, we will go over it, understand your expectations and discuss past photographs I have done before to see which ones you like the best and why. 

    Photo Requirements: 

    - High-quality image so we can make sure the print will look great! So make sure it's not blurry or pixelated.

    - You must own the copyright and/or the rights to reproduce the photography. If it's own by someone else, I must have a written permission to use it. 

    I also have an image bank where we can pull from. It contains images of different places around the world and they can be used for commissions.

    Please note that I retain the rights to reproduce any artwork created as prints or other marketing material.

  2. Based on embroidery density and complexity, a price would be quoted and once approved, we would need a 50% deposit to initiate work on the commission.

    - Sizes Available: 5''x 7'' and 8'' x 10''

  3. A sketch of the embroidery design will be provided before starting the stitching process, as well as a reference for the overall color palette. Specific colors might vary but they will all fall into the overall palette and color feel.  

    Please note that due to the nature of this process, once sketch and color have been approved there will no longer be option for edits.

  4. Once the piece is finished, we will send you a low-quality photo for your reference and we would then choose the frame finish so we can finalize the piece.
  5. The framed artwork will ship once the payment has been confirmed.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, there might be a slight variation from the sketch to the actual embroidered photography (if you ask me, that is what makes this process so beautiful!)

If you are interested in a commission and would like to hear more about it, please fill out contact form or email us at