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Catalina Escallon

Paper Embroidery Tool Kit (smaller): Limited Edition

Paper Embroidery Tool Kit (smaller): Limited Edition

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Introducing an exclusive, limited edition embroidery kit, a culmination of years of experience, exploration, and a passion for the art of embroidery on paper. I have carefully curated this selection to include my favorite tools and materials that I personally use to create my own work. Additionally, I've handpicked a range of exceptional products from other talented makers, allowing you to access a unique collection of items. 

As a maker, I recognize the challenges that come with being a small player in the market which is why I use the pre-order model for all my prints & kits. By offering pre-orders, I create a system that allows you to reserve your desired items and for me to have enough time to produce, personalize, and/or embroider them. There will be a 2-week order window and once that is over, products will ship 3-4 weeks after.

In the kit you will find: 

- 3 3/8'' W x 3 5/8''H  Transparent and flexible grid template (8 holes per inch)

- Punching awl made with needle size #1

- Orchid needle minder 

- PH Neutral PVA glue (for international orders the glue will be replaced by something else)

- Merchant & Mills 25 needle pack 

- 2 Washi Tape rolls

- Assortment of grid post its

Inside this exclusive kit, you'll find a treasure of embroidery essentials for paper that have been thoughtfully chosen for their quality, functionality, and versatility. From premium embroidery threads in an array of captivating colors to meticulously crafted grid template, each item reflects my commitment to providing you with the best tools to enhance your paper stitching experience.

Alongside my favorite finds, I have partnered with other esteemed makers to feature their exceptional brands within this exclusive collection. This collaborative approach not only offers you a diverse range of high-quality products but also supports and celebrates the talented artisans and makers in the embroidery community.

With this limited edition embroidery kit, you can embark on your stitching journey with confidence and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned embroiderer or just starting out, this kit provides you with everything you need to bring your artistic vision to life. Discover the joy of embroidery with this thoughtfully curated selection of tools and materials, and join me in celebrating the craftsmanship and talent of fellow makers.

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