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My Story


I am a Colombian embroidery artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Textiles have obsessed me since I can remember. Got introduced to textiles when I started sewing with my mom and since then I’ve embarked on exploring and learning everything textile. I like to think of myself as an interdisciplinary visual communicator and a storyteller. I use thread to tell stories and to bridge the digital and analog space. My embroideries are an invitation to touch and an exploration of textile techniques. I bring dimensionality with thread to tell stories and create memories. I enjoy making handmade accessible, enjoyable and colorful. 

There is something magical about working with your hands in a slow and repetitive motion. For me, embroidery kept me engaged and motivated through this year of so much anxiety and uncertainty. I embroidered heavily through weeks of lockdown and haven’t been able to stop since. There is something meditative and relaxing about this process and would love to share that joy with you! The subject of my embroideries has been places because, as an immigrant, I found new meaning in places I have been and seen these experiences differently. These experiences triggered my nostalgia and made me think about these places and how my identity is constantly shaped by them. I’ve embarked on a journey to figure out my identity, and it has led me to realize that it is not one specific place, but the construct of many. My body of work is a creation of my own spaces and how they make me feel. The images chosen represent something to me or my loved ones. Each one has a memory attached to it. I am trying to put together a collection of collective memories that I weave together with thread.

Removing color is intentional, by recoloring the photographs and using colorful thread I get to reinvent the space, the memories within it. Color and texture make people experience and feel the moment, experience the photography. My intention is to use the contrast between the photography and the colored threads to draw the eye of the viewer from micro to macro; color, building, space, memory.

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