Our Story

Noodo is a collective of artist, designers and creatives founded with the purpose of collaboration. We promote stories and voices from different people with different backgrounds and experiences. 

These products are aimed to bridge the digital and analog space. They are an invitation to touch and an exploration of various textile techniques. We bring dimensionality to print and use embroidery to tell stories and create memories. We are making handmade accessible, enjoyable and colorful.


Catalina Escallon + Daniela Guarin  


We consider ourselves renaissance women, two creatives with many passions, and a range of skills, but what we do best is making things happen. We have a transdisciplinary background and professional experience in textile, graphic design, product development, and strategy. All encompassed by a deep curiosity for the human experience, which has led us to work together and the birth of Noodo. We create solutions and systems that engage people on an emotional level, sparking thought-provoking conversations and ideas. We push creativity beyond the visual realm, expanding what is possible and connecting to something extraordinary. Yet extraordinary can be simple and practical; it is being able to connect the dots and move the lines accordingly, moving with uncertainty and allowing for flexibility and iteration. Designing with these principles in mind is an emotional process through which abstraction becomes concrete, bringing ideas to life. Making things happen.

We are both from Colombia and have been living in New York for over 6 years. We are passionate about human connection, handmade things, and textiles. We met 4 years ago while working in the interior textile industry. Bonding over boys and beers, we quickly became friends and dreamed of starting our own business. Little did we know that some years later that dream would become Noodo Studio. Most of our time we dedicate it to help brands find their voice and better connect with their audience. These art pieces are a passion project and an extension of Noodo. They are born out of the same ideals and love: creating community. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Cata and Dani