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Catalina Escallon

Stitching Memories, Capturing Life (Commission)

Stitching Memories, Capturing Life (Commission)

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Stitching Memories, Capturing Life

Custom hand-embroidery art applied to your most cherished photographs, immortalizing and bringing your memories to life with vibrant, colorful thread.

Due to the handmade nature of my work, there are limited spots for commissions. I will be allocating 2 spots (maximum) per month and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Custom sizes are available. The most common sizes are 8'' x 10'' and 11'' x 14''.  



What material/substrate do you use for the embroidery?

My embroideries and my work focuses on paper. The images are printed on paper, and from there, I punch holes on the surface to start the embroidery process.


What is the size of the embroidery? 

Most of the embroideries are done in an 8’’ x 10’’ size, and for the time being the maximum size is 11’’x14’’ but if the desired photo doesn’t meet those proportions or you have a specific size in mind, we can definitely discuss it. 


What are the timelines? 

After payment of the deposit, it will take 1-2 weeks to create the design sketches. Once you approve the design and color direction, it will take one-two months to complete the hand-embroidered piece. If you request framing for the piece, an additional 2 weeks will be added to the timeline. I will be allocating 2-3 commission spots per month. 


How do I know if the photo I have will work for the custom piece?

 When embroidering a photo, I require one that has at least 40-50% background space. I prefer not to embroider the subjects of the photo, or if necessary, only minimally. Most of my embroidery work is focused on the background, so ample space for embroidery is needed. If possible, geometric elements in the background are preferred, as they compliment my style and the grids I use. It's essential to ensure that the image isn’t pixelated and will work well in the desired final size (which we can review together). If the image is taken by a photographer, please make sure to have permission to manipulate it.


Are these pieces framed? How are they delivered? 

The final embroidery piece is mounted on sturdy white cardboard to provide stability. If you would like it framed, please note that the timeline will be adjusted accordingly, with an additional 2 weeks required. It will be framed and float-mounted using Framebridge.


How do I pre-select photos for the commission?

You can pre-select your favorite photos for us to review and choose together. Ensure they are high-quality to avoid pixelation when printed. Most iPhone and cellphone photos work fine for sizes up to 11’’ x 14’’.


What if I don’t like the final embroidery? 

 This is a process that we undertake together to ensure you are not surprised by any of the results. The sketches we review, and that you ultimately approve, are extremely close to the final embroidery. The only thing you won’t see in the sketch itself are the colors, as that is a more intuitive process done while I embroider. However, we will choose the color palette together to avoid any surprises. This is why there are multiple steps and payments accordingly. If, after multiple rounds of revisions, you find none of the sketches to your liking and remain unsatisfied, you have the option to pause the embroidery process. At that point, no further payment of the remaining balance will be required, but no refunds will be given.


Do you always print the photo in black and white? 

Most of the embroideries are done over black and white photos because I find that the thread colors pop even more, creating a vibrant and saturated effect. However, if you prefer to retain the colors in the photo, it is certainly possible. Just be aware that the colors in the photo may slightly limit our color palette, as we need all colors to harmonize. During the sketching process, we can examine both versions to determine which will best suit your desires.

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