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Hi, from the tropics!: Small

Hi, from the tropics!: Small

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Technique: Embroidery on digital print
Handmade paper mixed with yarn and fiber from Porridge Papers

Artwork: 5.5 in W x 8.5 in H
Illustration by: Rachel Nafis
Artwork intervened by: Noodo Studio
Due to the handmade process of this product, some variation in the paper and embroidery may occur due to the inherent nature of it.

Collaboration is in our DNA. We created a series of illustrations that merge everything we love. Each piece is made in handmade paper and finished with embroidery. They all tell a different fantasy; freedom, dreams, and a search for discovery are some of the themes explored by the artists.
We are inspired by touch and thread. We wanted to incorporate thread from the start so our handmade paper is made with strands of loose yarn. Materiality at its core is what we are about.

Normally mundane aspects of our everyday lives become dynamic and exciting when we travel to new places. I think nothing of the pigeon that coos every morning from its perch on my fire escape; yet, I am enamored by the caws of a parrot in South America. This small change from my daily experience is an intoxicating novelty. In day-to-day life, itÕs easy to get stuck in a monotonous routine when you see the same people and places, and repeat activities without any variation. And now, during a time when travel is impossible, we're forced to find novelty in everyday life and replicate the excitement of travel at home. This parrot serves as a reminder to myself to slow down, pay more attention, and appreciate the small wonders of daily existence.

Rachel Nafis
Rachel received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she nurtured her passion for both two- and three-dimensional design. Working across a wide range of disciplines, her work concentrates on illustration, surface design, and fiber arts.

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