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Pasta, Pizza, and Yarn: Cross Stich Art print

Pasta, Pizza, and Yarn: Cross Stich Art print

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This product is a reproduction of a handmade embroidery that was made into a print.


**Artwork size: 8.5 in W x 11 in H (including white border of approx. 1/4'')

Custom sizes available upon request


Technique: Digital Print

Paper: Hahnemuhle William Turner 310gsm With its matte watercolor texture this paper is a genuine mould-made paper in both look and feel. William Turner is ideal for reproductions of traditional artworks and also for striking and expressive photo reproductions.

Photo taken in Italy

Embroidery and photo by: Catalina Escallon


As my art evolves, I wanted to make it more accessible for people. Being able to afford art is something that is of a luxury. For a long time, I, an artist myself, wasn't able to afford any art either. But it doesn't have to be! I wanted to create a series of prints that show all the detail and effort that goes into an embroidered piece without it being unaffordable. One of a kind of art is great, and it is something I will continue doing, but there is also beauty in being able to create pieces that more than one person can experience at a time. I hope this piece makes you feel connected to a community and to a place that signifies something to me and to other people that purchase this print.

The pieces I've selected to do as prints also have an extreme amount of detail and nuanced color variations. When you increase the scale, you can appreciate it even more. They are all printed in a 310 gsm textured paper, and to the naked eye it is hard to tell that there is actually no yarn in them, I assure you that you will feel compelled to touch them. As with my one of a kind pieces, I hope these prints fill your house with love, curiosity and good vibes above all.


This photography was taken in a trip to Italy, and I fell in love with the dome, the shape and the detailing. This embroidered photography was done for someone special and since this place means so much to both of us, I wanted to create a printed edition of it. I come from a long tradition of textile workers. Weaving has been used as a language, finance system, and as a status symbol. Today this art carries the tradition of many cultures, all with different legacies. This textile inspired collection explores movement, grids, and structure. It is a visual exploration of the grid, joined by thread. There is a synergy between elements and the usage of weaving patterns in the form of embroidery to tell stories, perhaps the same stories as many other civilizations before us told through thread and color.

At the moment, I am doing limited edition runs. Original prints will be available in my shop while supplies last. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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